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Outdoor Folding Trekking Poles Antishock Adjustable Aluminum cane SP

Outdoor Folding Trekking Poles Antishock Adjustable Aluminum cane SP

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Aluminum alloy five-section folding storage is convenient, the third section is usually in the second section, must be pulled out to use

Ultra-short and convenient weight-loss travel, my weight is not too light, give me a small corner to travel

High-quality materials

Aluminum alloy body, EVA non-slip handle, in line with palm curve, adjustable wristband, soft and comfortable

They are super light, have a great feel, and come in a variety of vibrant colors to match your skis.

Tungsten steel tip is stronger and more durable, helping you easily walk different roads

Adults and children

Great for everyone, our trekking poles are perfect for beginners, experts, children, teens, adults and seniors, anyone can use our poles!When walking on a flat ground, keep the poles at the length where your elbow is at 90 degree. When going uphill or downhill, shorten or lengthen the poles accordingly to provide steady support. Whether you’re tall or short, we have you covered!

Increase footprint

Ergonomic Trekking Poles  give you a reason to increase the steps you take. Helps prevent knee injury, support extra weight, and walk comfortably with these hiking poles. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hike.


ergonomic grip, lightweight material, extra-wide cushioned wristband and shockproof function for each pole, these characteristics make our trekking poles the most comfortable pole for you to use.

Easily adjustable wrist straps for your comfort. Ergonomic grips with light ribbing to ensure smooth handling. Lever lock for effortless and fast length adjustment. Firm grip in muddy areas with added mud stops. Soft foam shafts allow for a strong grip in extreme all terrain environments. Perfect gift for everyone who enjoy walking or hiking!

Labor-saving design

Can reduce arm fatigue, allow people to move faster and consume less energy. The indestructible design will withstand the most challenging backpacking trips.



The material is aluminum alloy





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